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Boulder Capital is a family owned and operated investment company that is focused on providing debt and equity into property developments and real estate assets. Our family has invested for over 20 years as debt or equity providers into property projects totalling in excess of $1.5 Billion in end value throughout South East Queensland.  The family’s investment activities have been consolidated under a single structure as Boulder Capital. 


We provide funding through a variety of structures,

primarily including:

  • Preference Equity

  • Equity/Joint Ventures

  • Mezzanine Funding


We primarily provide capital to development related assets and look to partner with developers that are focused within a specific geography or asset class. All investment commitments are made using family owned and controlled capital, with no outside funds or investors being relied upon to fulfill any commitments. 


Strong Relationships – we believe in long term
relationships with the developers we invest in
and seek to undertake multiple projects together.
We also deeply value our relationships with the
senior lenders who we work closely alongside to
ensure an efficient overall capital structure for
the project.

Single Source of Capital and Decisions – we are
nimble to assess a transaction and make an
investment decisions. There are no boards or
outside investors that need to be consulted to
advance funding.

Locally Focused – We aim to invest our capital
into projects that are within 2 hours drive of
Brisbane. We will consider alternative locations
on a case by case basis, but we prefer to invest in
markets whereby we have experience and are
able to expedite decisions.

Genuine Value Add – we are actively involved in
the projects we invest in and aim to add tangible
value to the projects and developers' business to
increase the success of their projects. We are fortunate to have established long term relationships throughout the property industry that often assist and contribute to a projects success.

We Understand Property – our family has been
involved in property development for over 40
years across a variety of asset classes. We have
experience throughout each stage of the property
cycle and across a range of assets, geographies
and projects, including extensive experience on
challenging assets. We appreciate what it takes
to be successful in property development and
understand the complexities that are involved at

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